Om… Sedona, Arizona

I find my thoughts today drifting to memories of a vacation I took in Sedona, Arizona. I found Sedona to be a magical place where I felt grounded, whole and complete. The views of the Red Rocks were awe inspiring. Hiking the vortex sites, and being one with nature are memories that will stick with me forever. It’s those feelings of how amazing and at peace I felt that make me long to go back.

How does this post tie into yoga or spirituality you ask? Well, I am among many things a yogini. Being a yoga enthusiast, Sedona was the perfect place to wake up early and do yoga outside in nature. I found myself along with the sunrise each day beginning my practice with sun salutations. Now in hindsight I think how perfect was that! What an opportunity that was.

I am a highly sensitive person, by that I mean I am sensitive to energy. Being at the Vortex sites I was amazed at the feelings I felt. At one vortex I felt a prickly sensation on my arms. It wasn’t anything to be alarmed at, it was enjoyable as odd at that may sound. At another I felt a rush of emotions in me. I felt all the grief and sadness coming up to a boil and eventually the pot spilled over and I released. I felt great afterwards but it sure was unexpected to feel so emotional for the time I was there. Being near the vortex’s felt like being enveloped in a healing energy, a gentle hug from nature. Vortex’s are amazing, what an uplifting experience. Such remarkable energy was vibrating and coursing through me. I felt the energy resonate with me and strengthening my Inner Being. It was also really amazing to seeing the juniper trees responding to the vortex by growing in a slow helical spiral along the length of the branch.

Oh Sedona, how I miss thee. I hope we meet again one day, until then may you continue to stay beautiful, heal, and inspire others the way you have me.

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