Yoga Journal 21 Day Yoga Challenge

To shake things up a bit, I decided to do a 21 day yoga challenge. I did the intermediate track to deepen my practice. Part of the challenge was to eat 1 vegetarian meal a day, but since I’m already a vegetarian that part wasn’t hard.

The next part of the challenge was to do meditation for 15 minutes a day. the last step was to do yoga practice once a day, again something I already do. All these items were for 21 days. The yoga classes were offered online by a few different teachers. It was was a great opportunity to mix it up and do different practices in addition to working with new teachers. I did some of my own meditations as theirs would not play on my iPad (darn flash). I am curious to try theirs out with a computer.

It was a lot of fun and at times quite challenging. I felt like I got more out of it than one would think I would have, but that’s the thing about yoga practice. It’s called practice for a reason. You can practice your whole life, and even become a teacher, and it would still be a lifelong journey. Some teachers really take the practice to a whole new level. You can learn new tips or tricks that might help you exit, enter or hold a pose longer. What may work for one may not work necessarily work for another. This challenge gave me strength, helped me feel more grounded, learn new ways to deepen or strengthen my practice. I didn’t care for all the teachers, but on the up side, even the ones I didn’t care for offered a good class. The classes ran anywhere from 20-60 mins everyday. I love the feeling of being at peace, the oneness and contentment from each class. It really brightens ones spirits. I love how grounded yoga makes me feel.

They had a beginner track in addition to the intermediate track in case one is interested, I’d recommend it.

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