Yoga for Depression

Today was one of those days where I needed to balance the mind, body and emotions. I felt deep within my spirit that today was a day for a much needed  longer practice. I felt off kilter and manic, and quickly realized I needed a “time out” to ground and center myself. My depression was sneaking back in slowly and my body was crying out for a change in routine.

I wanted to bring back that feeling of peace and joy. That feeling of the sun shining on your face pouring its healing light on you. To not only unite my body and mind, but  to rid  my self of the winter blues and anxiety. You may not know it , but yoga does actually protect the brain from depression. This is really important to consider , especially since depression suppresses your energy for living, and make you more vulnerable to illness as it dampens the immune system.

Yoga and meditation combined with proper breathing patterns such as pranyama or ujjai, is such bliss. You will feel so relaxed and the practices drive those low feelings and blues out. Regular practices not only allows us to put our best foot forward, but we will feel bright minded, flush out toxins, improve our circulation, and brings us closer to spirit.

If you or someone you love suffers from depression, such as myself, after time you recognize the symptoms.  Its important to dig deep, access that inner strength you possess to get you going. I know in the moment it can be hard to overcome those feelings, believe me I have been so low I was hanging onto life at one point by a thread. Keeping up with my yoga practice really does relax the mind and body. I have found more so than any other type of exercise I have taken up.  I firmly believe the scientifically proven link between yoga and emotional well-being is a better type of prevention for depression. Yoga eases our suffering and provides a release, an outlet for all those unhealthy thoughts and feelings. Its also a lot healthier for your body than taking loads of anti-depressants that mask symptoms at their best and more often than not cause other unpleasant side effects.

Immersing my self in a daily yoga routine has really eased my suffering. I was able to see the world in a whole new light. This is most important in my daily routine since I am someone who is otherwise afflicted with long term severe depression.


Thoughts? Leave me a message.

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