Baby Swinging Yoga

There is a pretty popular viral video floating around out there unfortunately, about a Russian woman, Lena Fokina, who swings squirming babies by their arms and ankles in what she considers dynamic exercises. This video really disturbs me on a personal level. If I had kids, I would not feel comfortable with her performing this style of yoga on them, if it can even be considered yoga. I certainly do not see it as a yoga practice.

When I first saw this video, I thought this can’t really be real, can it? Is that a doll? It was like watching a train wreck, its painful to watch. I find myself needing to avert my eyes.  I have to look away, but at the same time I want to ensure the baby is not dropped on the earth below. Low and behold the baby cries. It’s at that point my suspicions were confirmed that this was a live infant and not a doll. This seems like a form of child abuse, and in no way would I be able to advocate this. Seeing her swing these children like this makes me instinctively think this swinging motion is going to dislocate their arms, shoulders, ankles, or legs.

The sad thing about all this is the parents that allow her to do this with their children! On top of that injustice, this baby tosser may even be paid to perform this atrocity. Now I am not an expert in yoga or babies, but I can say this, after providing child care to families in my neighborhood, when children cry they are generally unhappy and need or want something. They could even be in pain, scared, not feeling up to par, and so on and so forth. Now this baby in the video does not look happy. The infant looks like they are being terrorized by a crazy Russian lady and not enjoying this one bit!

Behold the infant terrorizer in action:

I am no expert on Russian culture. I know other cultures have adapted different ways than what our own cultures may practice, or have implemented into our daily lives. Different ideas, customs, and social behaviors are what makes us all interesting and unique in some respects. I have never heard of this type of yoga terrorism, but that does not mean it doesn’t exist. It’s like saying just because I haven’t heard of a city in the world, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I hope after all is said and done, that something positive comes out of all this uproar and media popularity of her going on’s.


2 thoughts on “Baby Swinging Yoga

  1. I felt as upset as you when I saw this. I can’t believe people are allowed to treat babies this way anywhere on the planet. It seems so dangerous, all I could think about was that I wish one could send some kind of “universal” child protection services to them. Truly scary stuff. I can’t think what sensible person would put his/her children through something like this.
    PS: I know I am ranting, but I am so appalled…

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