The Art of Letting Go through Yoga

This week I presented me  a great deal of emotions on my plate. It was a difficult week, emotions were running high and I felt completely agitated. Due in part to mother nature, and in part to some negativity at work. I felt so completely riled up about the work situation, that I was having a difficult time of letting go. With my hormones all over the place I felt anger coursing thru my veins. I was wronged and because I look at the bigger picture I knew that in 5 years this situation was not something that would matter or even be worth mulling over.  On ward and upward I told myself.

I just needed some time, and space. I needed to open my heart with compassion and let go. I needed a release of all the emotions swirling in my mind. I  came home from work and decided to focus on a heart opening sequence. I knew I wanted to let go of those negative feelings that weren’t going to anyone any good. I wanted them to dissipate and take on a new form, forgiveness. The heart opening sequence was just the thing! In addition to my regular morning practice, in the evening when I came home from work I would do the heart opening sequence. I am happy to report that after a few nights of practice, some sleep, and lots of water, the anger toxins if you will have left my system.

I’m glad its the weekend, sleep seems like such a sought after commodity sometimes. I am pleased that today finally the sun is shining outside, even if the temperature is a bit chilly.




2 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go through Yoga

  1. Thank you for posting this…I’m feeling pretty anxious these days too so I’m going to take your advice and try this every night next week to calm my mind.

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