Off The Mat and Into the World

Today I find myself writing from an airport. I am off literally off the mat and into world as I am making the long trek from USA to India for 3 weeks. Not sure that I will have internet access while I am visiting so if I am quiet for a few days that’s the reason why. I can assure you if I do have net access I most certainly plan to post, if I don’t then when I am back to the states it will be. When traveling by plane, and when you have such long lay overs its important to stretch to minimize stress from the hassles accompanied with traveling. Performing some modified poses on the plane during your trans-atlantic flight, or even at the airport during layovers can minimize spinal stress, open your hips and counteract those stress triggers we counter during the flight. I have even heard tell of it helping to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Drinking plenty of water, and I can not reiterate that enough, is important for our big adventures. Staying hydrated on a flight can be difficult but bring along a bottle of water (that you purchase after the security gate per the TSA rules of drinks not allowed thru security) and keep chugging throughout your journeys. This key tip will help us prevent travel tiredness and flush out toxins among other benefits.

I’ll try to post airplane yoga poses soon!

I have 6 mins left on my 30minutes of free airport wifi cap for the day so I better close for now.


Source: Image: by tmghosh retrieved on March 29 2012 from

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