quote of the day – on giving

The art of giving more than you take is the sign of a healthy personality.



I happened upon this little gem while in India this month. I am using it as my current mantra.

Since this journal tracks my progress…time to share. While I am good at giving to others and being thoughtful, I have always had a little quirkiness [read character flaw] associated with that. Allow me to explain, what I do have a  hard time with is sharing when say my other half decides to just start eating off my plate without me offering. I guess I must subconsciously feel like my space is being invaded or something. Another situation is that me being a vegetarian and he is not, if he eats items up that are part of my diet and then what’s left is non-veg items or protein bar flavors that were ones he picked out I am a bit irked. Now I am not bashing on the Mr. by any means, just using some examples that come to mind where I have struggled with being a “giving” person that requires me to use this mantra so I can strive to be a better person.


4 thoughts on “quote of the day – on giving

    • Nice to know that I am not alone in this one. It’s strange how it can be harder to show compassion to those nearest and dearest to us. I think sometimes perhaps they push the boundaries a bit, I mean a complete stranger wouldn’t just start eating off our plates.

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