My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge is quieting my mind. Turning off the chatter of the monkey mind that wants to wander and reminisce over the past, and fantasize about the future, instead of being in the present moment, content and quiet.

Kukkarahalli Lake in Mysore, India


Today’s post was Inspired by a contest I entered asking what my biggest challenge is.


4 thoughts on “My Biggest Challenge

  1. I absolutely love your posts! I feel that you may be exactly the motivation I need right now, facing a “change” or development in my life. Thank you for sharing your lovely words with us/me:)

    • thank you very much! After mentally having a few days of feeling in the thick of the gloom, your comment was like a ray of sun shine today. =) It warms my heart to know that I can help motivate and make others feel better. BTW Really digging that “Anna Sun” song. Had never heard of it prior to stumbling onto your blog and its a nice catchy upbeat song. I think I must have listened to it 4 times now.

      • You’re so very welcome! I’m really glad I could help you cheer up a bit! It gives me great comfort in knowing that I have done just that for someone else, and helps my heart stay warm within the roots as well! I know what those days feel like… Everything is dark in those times, and all you wanna do is give up… Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing, I admire you a lot even though I’ve almost just about heard/read about you! You’re indeed a true inspiration. And yeah, the “Anna Sun” song is great, right?! I guess I’ve turned you into an addict by now: You’re welcome with that as well, haha 😉 Enjoy your evening/day (which time-zone? Hmmm… Not sure)!

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