Yoga, Music and My Spiritual Healing Journey

First stop today is a catch up of life in my Yogaverse, then onward to a post about music. It’s sunny outside, a nice reprieve from the constant rain we have had lately here in New England. There’s a smile on my face. I feel when we are with out the sun that I have to push myself that much more, and really work extra hard to not feel low, lose my concentration, or my motivation. It’s hard sometimes, okay most times, but today I feel like I made it through to the other side and I can smile.

I know the rain is what keeps everything looking so lush and green outside but I would be remiss if I did not admit that its hard to mentally deal with so much rain. As I sit here typing away on my keyboard, having a cuppa Tulsi [sacred holy basil plant] tea I brought back from India, and listening to some Kirtan music, I felt inspired to change my original topic to music.

Tulsi Plant (in the decorative planter)

One thing you will find a lot of at these combined music and yoga festivals [i.e. Bhakti fest, Shakti fest, Tadasana Festival etc…] is Kirtan/Bhajans or general upbeat music.  The music carries you, uplifts you, and brings a smile to your face. Your heart will open and you will feel as if you are receiving so much love from the universe.  Kirtan, Bhajan, no matter what you call it, is a style of music known as the call and response chanting using devotional traditions stemmed  from India. If your not familiar with this style of music, another benefit is that it can also bring you closer to the gods if you believe in them. They are a vehicle to show devotion to the gods, however please bear in mind that you need not be religious, spiritual, or following a certain faith to enjoy and take advantage of the healing powers from the music.

Bhajans reverberate through your entire body and [at least for me] leave you feeling fulfilled, content, calm and “healed” from mental sadness or other botherations. The music is fun and invokes that feeling where you want to drop what your doing and sing along. I have always enjoyed music, singing and dancing. I  can now add that I consider chanting to be a part of my spiritual path.

There are quite a few podcasts out there and other ways to experience the music if its something your not familiar with. For the sake of making your life easier I will include some resources here.


spotify you can download the free client and type in keywords such as “kirtan” or “bhajan” and listen to some selections. Like most free accounts these days you will be subjected to commercials.

New World Kirtan Podcast calming chants for a crazy world.

I first learned of bhajans from the “Art of Living“. One day while I was at an advanced course during Guru Poornima, I heard two that stood out in my mind they are Govinda Radhe Radhe Shyam and Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.



2 thoughts on “Yoga, Music and My Spiritual Healing Journey

  1. As I grew up and my young mind slowly turns matured, I found out how Yoga it releases all the stress within my mind and body. I also discovered how this tulsi tea from India just like what you said helps me achieve it too. Thanks for a wonderful advice to all of us. Several months by now I will return the favor.

    • thank you for such a nice comment! It warms my heart to know that my blog is so thoroughly enjoyed. I am glad that you stopped by. =) Your one of the few people that I know that has heard of this tea too. Outside of people that are either from or have traveled to India. They recently started carrying it in some of the health food markets around here such a delight.

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