Free Yoga Classes – Solstice in Times Square

On Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 this  large event will be located in Times Square, New York. The event is being sponsored by Athleta and is called the “Mind Over Madness Yoga Event”. It will give you an opportunity to not only salute the sun and celebrate the solstice,but enjoy the energies that comes from practicing yoga in an outdoor setting with a group. The namesake comes from that fact that yogi’s are going to be challenged in the midst of the world’s most frenetic and commercial place. They will have to work hard and put their mind over the madness to transcend in order find tranquility and reach your calm center.

I am in no way affiliated with Athleta, but I know group events can be fun so I wanted to share. I also know that sometimes yoga classes can be pricey on one hand so the occasional free classes [for whatever the reason] are a nice treat. One thing to consider is that most do not realize is that yoga teachers do not always reap a lot of monetary benefits. I’d say who cares about money when you’re doing so much good, and having such a great enjoyable job, but unfortunately to survive in this expensive world we all need a source of income to survive.

If your like me and live a bit far from times square, it’s comforting to know that we are not forgotten on this occasion.

Other options:

  • Free classes in Athleta stores nationwide.
  • Live streaming video from the Athleta website.

Solstice in Times Square



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