Yoga – Tune In Tuesday

Yesterday for me was what I like to call tune in Tuesday. Its all about listening to your body, and that day mine was telling me that it needed some relief for lower back pain.

I needed to focus, tune into my breath, and slow things down. I can’t tell you how many times I have resorted to using a specific practice for back pain and felt relief even in the same day. I know I am not the only person to have lower back pain in this world and I thought the hatha asana’s I use were worth sharing. Perhaps they can bring you or someone you know some gentle relief on what feels like a “cloudy” day if you will. Below you will find some more videos gems from Esther Ekhart to help you on this journey. These videos are geared toward lower back pain and should help provide you with some relief and mitigate that pain. They are gentle but quite effective.

Since I know my dear mother in law is also having back pain these last 2 weeks, this post is dedicated to her. May you find some relief in the chaos of back pain.



Thoughts? Leave me a message.

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