Oh that busy brain…

Throughout my yoga practice, and even in Savasana [some days more than others] I become easily distracted, my mind wanders. I saw this comic pictorial representing the monkey mind in relation to yoga and couldn’t pass up the share. Finding silence in the mind is one of my own greatest challenges.



6 thoughts on “Oh that busy brain…

  1. i pretty much find it impossible to meditate, especially when I am angry. Many have told me that meditation will help my complex adhd, but its impossible for me to actually get to meditating without getting something like what is presented in the image in this post happening in my mind.

    • It happens to me also but after a nice yoga practice I at least feel better mentally and physically. I use tricks to help get the thoughts out of my head. One trick I use is what I call the basket method. I have no idea what the real name of this is, but what I do is visualize 3 woven baskets in front of me. I label one as past and place that to the far left in my mind. In the middle is one I label present, and on the far right is the one I label future. Now when a thought pops into that busy brain of mine, I acknowledge it, and then decide if it is relating to the past, present or future and place it into the basket. Give it a try. Maybe it will help work for you too instead of just ruminating on thoughts and more thoughts. If you try it out let me know how you get on =).

    • That must have been a really relaxing class! 😉 I think I would have felt a bit embarrassed also. Hopefully it didn’t put you off from going back or preventing you from practicing.

      I usually do yoga in the morning before I have to head into the office. I think that it can at times preventing me from fully relaxing in shivasana, since I start thinking about what I have to do at work that day. The reason I practice normally in the am is that due to my work days often run long so it ends up being the best time and helps me wake up. When I come home from work I’m generally too exhausted to practice, so there’s always a trade off somewhere heh.

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