Looking toward yoga to stay positive when things look bleak

In the face of adversity the possibilities are limitless. Its the time for monumental changes, and what lies ahead is the opportunity to look at each obstacle we face not with despair but with the knowledge that each has a purpose. Each obstacle offers us the chance to become stronger, gain more patience, and to be persistent.  The road is limitless and its up to us to stay positive until we can see our way through the obstacles or barriers to all the possibilities beyond. Everything happens for a reason, so I look at it as its the universes way of conspiring to improve us and to make us better.

Autumn in the white mountains


After performing my practice I find it easier to think more clearly and realize that the world isn’t against me like it may seem. While tonight is another night of feeling down, at least there is hope for me yet… I just have to tell my self to breathe deep and use these opportunities that I am faced with to soak up the knowledge I am being offered to learn from the situation, whatever it may be. The possibilities are endless, the road may be rocky, but at least its there and not a cliff looming in front of me.


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