No time like the present so why not begin your Yoga journey now! Ekhart Yoga has created a 30 day free beginner challenge to use for yourself and or to share with others. Maybe you’re not a beginner but perhaps you want to try out a new style of yoga. Or mayhaps life became busy and you have not stepped on the mat in a while and have been procrastinating. Allow this to post motivate you back into your practice. Even if its been a while, or perhaps you need something more gentle for a time, no matter the reason don’t let anything hold you back from this. I encourage you to give it a whirl [even if you’re not new to yoga].

Word of Mouth really gets the word out, and while I’m in no way whatsoever affiliated with the site, Esther Ekhart is one of my all time favorite teachers [and she and or her team can be yours too]. I have included some info from the site below to get you going. I hope you enjoy.



Ekhart Yoga:

If you are new to Yoga, this is the place (and time!) to start your journey.

From the 11th of March, four of the beginner programs below are free for 30 days.

For inspiration on how to start your Yoga practice: 8 tips on how to do Yoga at home

I wish you much enjoyment learning and practicing Yoga, and may you enjoy the many wonderful benefits that practicing Yoga will soon bring you!

Three simple steps to start

1) Read the Frequently Asked Questions, especially the section called “Yoga practice.”

2) Read Yoga Styles and Levels. It explains the different styles of Yoga we teach on this site.

3) Get on your mat and try out one of the free Yoga for beginners programs on the left!


Thoughts? Leave me a message.

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