Winter Solstice, The New Moon, and The New Year

Winter Solstice and the New Moon on December 21st were a powerful combination. At the time of this writing, not only is it a new year in 2015, the time earmarked the beginning of a new cycle.

The solstice is the darkest day for us in north america, and with each day forward the days will slowly get longer. When spring begins on March 20th this symbolizes new growth and beginnings for us all. The earth will begin its journey for us to tilt towards the sun, and signifies coming out of the darkness and into the light. This is the time to really release what you need to in order to enter into a new cycle with less baggage, wounds and general stuff that has been holding you back. A super powerful time to manifest what you want and to let go of what you no longer need, perfect timing for the New Year recently ushered in.

I thought I would share this positive spin on the longest day of the year, at least for myself. Typically these longer days of darkness make me feel depressed and angsty. Instead I am going to focus on letting go of what’s no longer needed, things that no longer serve me. I am going to count my blessings, and look forward to the new year with opportunities to grow as a person.

Its time to end cycles and welcome new beginnings. What do you need to let go of in order to evolve? What do you want in your new cycle? What do you hope to accomplish and achieve? I’d love to hear your own thoughts in the comments below.

May this new moon and the new year be the start of good things for you. Small or big, near or far, Happy New Year! Many of us are counting our blessings and going forth with hope in our hearts for new beginnings. May this year be filled with love, luck, health and happiness for you and yours!

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