I am a yogini, a yoga enthusiast who practices Yoga daily. I learned of  yoga as a kid however at the time I was quite young and unable to  understand all that yoga encompasses and offer’s us. As an adult I practiced yoga first in my home with DVDs, and then discovered the magic of a class environment on the beach. Once I had that taste of yoga outdoors I was hooked! I can’t begin to describe how at one with the earth you feel when take your practice outdoors. At the Beach, forest, or park, being at one with the elements really brings a whole new perspective to your practice. As time passed I wanted to take my practice to a new level and by attending classes with the Art of Living foundation learned the art of Sudarshan Kriya. In wanting to continue on with the theme of expanding my consciousness,  achieving spiritual enlightenment, further deepening my practice, and challenging my self, I began to practice more difficult poses. I still continue on with my practice and challenge myself this way each day.

I strive to live a better life. I became  a vegetarian and I can’t tell you how much healthier I feel. This combination of yoga, kriya, and a vegetarian diet has allowed me to do away with a life of antidepressants, so I must be doing something right.

This journal tracks my yoga progress along with sharing any insightful tidbits that might help others out there. It’s a record of my spiritual journey practicing yoga and life in my yogaverse aka My Yoga Adventures: Trying to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment & Expand My Consciousness. It’s also a gratitude journal serving to keep me grounded, and remind me to be mindful. To remind me of all the things I have to be thankful for and appreciate to them even more.

I am humbled you stopped by and decided to read this far, or even give me a “like or follow” on the site. Thanks for sticking with me.

Om Shanti. I wish you infinite blessings on your path, and hope my words can somehow inspire you to do great things or help guide you on your journey.



Q: What is this Yogaverse you speak of?

A: The short answer: It’s a term I coined that describes not only my life, and my feelings, but also what’s going on my universe. Since I do yoga everyday I call it my yogaverse. The longer answer: Yogaverse came about one day over a cuppa tea, when I was trying to think of a shorted way to segue into speaking about my self, more of the me side of things vs the yoga blog side of things, as this blog is also record of my spiritual journey practicing yoga, and life in my yogaverse.

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