The Art of Letting Go through Yoga

This week I presented me  a great deal of emotions on my plate. It was a difficult week, emotions were running high and I felt completely agitated. Due in part to mother nature, and in part to some negativity at work. I felt so completely riled up about the work situation, that I was having a difficult time of letting go. With my hormones all over the place I felt anger coursing thru my veins. I was wronged and because I look at the bigger picture I knew that in 5 years this situation was not something that would matter or even be worth mulling over.  On ward and upward I told myself.

I just needed some time, and space. I needed to open my heart with compassion and let go. I needed a release of all the emotions swirling in my mind. I  came home from work and decided to focus on a heart opening sequence. I knew I wanted to let go of those negative feelings that weren’t going to anyone any good. I wanted them to dissipate and take on a new form, forgiveness. The heart opening sequence was just the thing! In addition to my regular morning practice, in the evening when I came home from work I would do the heart opening sequence. I am happy to report that after a few nights of practice, some sleep, and lots of water, the anger toxins if you will have left my system.

I’m glad its the weekend, sleep seems like such a sought after commodity sometimes. I am pleased that today finally the sun is shining outside, even if the temperature is a bit chilly.



Moon Time

Harmonizing or balancing my life when mother nature takes over can certainly be a challenge. I happen to be one of those women who end up doubled over in pain, crying, and unable to function properly for a week. After trying nearly everything out there I found a few things that help alleviate my symptoms [I’ll go into more details on that shortly] and one of which is a series of specific yoga poses.

I found myself alone one morning scouring the internet looking for a routine or even a specific subset of poses I could try to ease my discomfort. The heavens smiled upon me that day when I discovered Esther Ekhart. She not only invokes inspiration with her warmth and calm presence, but also has a great way of teaching the poses so they are easy to follow along. I’ll post the two videos she created below that not only helped¬† me when I was in a frantic search but every month since then. Now that I have discovered Esther, I am hooked on her videos. =)

Yoga for Menstruation

More Yoga For Menstruation

As I mentioned above, the other items that I use religiously if you will each month are raspberry tea. These are two brands I prefer from my taste tests. [click images if you want to know more]

Next Ibuprofen/Advil liquid gels, I start taking this right before my cycle starts. I continue on then with both throughout my cycle and of course yoga. I perform the asanas as needed a few times a day.¬† While some moon’s can be more difficult than others, these items most certainly help make a bad situation better.