Navel to the Spine

More yoga jargon explained. “Navel to the Spine” is another a verbal que used in yoga, as well as Pilates and strength training. When presented with this instruction we want to engage our core, by pulling in our abdominal’s.

Remember just the abdominal’s only! I say that because you want to ensure you don’t create a “C” like shape with your body. You don’t want to slump forward, nor would you slouch your upper torso or tuck your pelvis. You just want to engage the abs by pulling them in with your muscles, not pulling them in by sucking or holding in your breath. Think of how you would pull in your abs if you’re trying to pull on a pair a slacks or jeans that could be a bit tight or ill-fitting, or perhaps you don’t want your tummy to stick out in a tight dress or skirt.

When performed correctly this not only strengthens our abdominal’s, but also creates an integrated core of strength that supports our body. We can become a pillar of strength using our core to support our spines. We create stability with strong abs. We add to our freedom and range of movement, and create fluidity of our muscles throughout our body.

I hope this helps to demystify some of the common jargon we hear out there.