The Spirit of Mantra, a 21 Day Mantra Meditation

If you enjoyed the first 21 day mantra meditation journey with Deval Premal and Miten, then you are in for a treat.

The world-renowned chant artists are offering “The Spirit of Mantra” – a 21 day exploration into the transformative power of a daily mantra meditation practice that began on May 14. It’s free to sign up and enjoy. The previous days are still up to listen.


This new program offers another opportunity to explore the deep inner peace found in chanting these ancient sound formulas. Like the first mantra meditation journey, Deva & Miten will share a new mantra every day, with an explanation of the meaning, and a guided meditation into the chanting. This year’s program includes seven brand new chants from their album Mantras for Life. The

This free streaming 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey has begun! Join me &  register here

A few words from Deva & Miten:
Mantras make a difference, not only for the benefits they bring us on a personal level, but also as a healing balm for our troubled world. With this in mind, we have chosen mantras that help us meet life’s daily challenges, including blessing and protecting our children; healing body, mind and spirit; caring for the animals; and celebrating Mother Earth.


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