Earth Day 2015

In honor of yesterday being earth day.

What better way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Using yogurt containers to make new plants to provide us oxygen so that we may live.


Recyclable Toothbrushes

I know many of us yogis care about our earth. One of the popular efforts we utilize to care for Mother Earth is recycling.

On a recent grocery trip to a local favorite, Trader Joes, I remembered I wanted to pick up a toothbrush. I went down the household items aisle and discovered that their “Preserve” line of toothbrushes are not only made from recycled products, but are easily recyclable.

The toothbrushes are made from recycled yogurt cups. When it’s time to swap your toothbrush out for a new one, all you have to do to recycle that old toothbrush is drop it back in the free USPS mailer that your tooth-brush originally came with.

If you happen to lose the mailer, and are replacing with the same Trader Joes brand “Preserve”, you can use the envelope that your new replacement toothbrush came in.