īsṭar habbada shubhaashayagalu / Happy Easter /śubh īsṭar

Today is Easter Sunday, so I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter.  It’s currently 35F but sunny where I’m staying, so it sure doesn’t feel like spring yet. Easter fills us with hope, joy and warmth. It is a time to get together with friends, family and loved ones to celebrate this joyful time.


Oestre/Easter, is a time of rebirth and fertility, symbolized by the “bunny”.  The popular colored eggs representing the sunlight of spring.


We’ve had our spring vernal equinox meaning the day and night were of equal length since the sun was sitting above the equator. The days are getting longer, they will slowly warm up at a snail’s pace [at least where I’m at]. It’s easier to feel more motivated, joyful inside and with a happier heart. The winters are hard to get through and really exacerbate depression, so I am grateful for this new equinox granting us more sunlight and generally warmer weather.


Get Ready for Change in Your Practice

Change is hard to deal with, especially if you are someone who does not deal with change well. Good news is that you can let out that breath your holding, since this is not “that” kind of change. This is a positive change, something that you will want and be excited for it. Being ready for change isn’t always what you’d think. In this case “being ready for change” is taking advantage of the new moon and solar eclipse today to change your practice up a bit. Super charge it if you will, and infuse your practice with a new asana or a new mantra.

Vrschikasana “Scorpion Pose”

Another change you can take advantage of during this time is the change for a fresh start in your life off the mat, this time is a unique opportunity. Maybe you want to learn a new language, start a new writing project. Numerous possibilities are abound. Release your tension and create these new possibilities in your life. Its an auspicious time, it’s not common for a new moon and a solar eclipse to happen in the same 24 hour period. This also especially after we just had  a super [brighter than average] moon earlier this month due. To have a full moon coincide with the moon’s perigee is incredibly super, hence the nickname it was given. What an exciting month, illuminating new opportunities for us.

This  eclipse / new moon [ha just realized those happen to be “twilight” titles too] stirs up positive energy allowing for deep change for us and mother earth what with the burst of the spring season. On the east coast spring sneaks up quietly after father winters coat slowly begins to lose its grip, so it seems like spring just started 2-3 weeks ago. As one door closes, another opens and with that the changes this eclipse brings will not be small, they will be larger and more noticeable. Again don’t feel tension over this, the greater good will looks after us, we will be balanced and all will be right. These moments are rare, and to be treasured. Be ready to receive the positive energy heading out way. Think optimistically and enjoy the luck and expansion to allow us to flourish and grow.

You can open your mind and enrich your life, and or your practice during this new chapter we are entering. You can learn more about  your self and enhance the good and fix those character flaws you’ve been wanting to work on. Dedicate your practice to something, and invite in the positive energy. Your heart will feel warm, open, and full of love. You’ll have a smile on your face and feel the positive blessings.

Expect the unexpected, expect a surprise. Be prepared to jump into action and move quickly. You never know, the “unexpected” may arise in our yoga practice too. Perhaps you will decide to extend in some unanticipated new direction, such as me trying to do more advanced poses. Inversions give us a different perspective on life. Maybe we can move further than we thought possible. Perhaps we make some profound realization in our life or while deep in a pose or in meditation. Often time our minds wander to the direction life is taking, and now is the perfect time to ponder that. Think positive change and transformation.

The energy of this new moon eclipse will provide us a better understanding of where our lives are headed.What am I going to do? Well I am going to use this time to align my intentions for a positive metamorphosis. To strengthen and release tension in those trouble areas of the body. I am going to try to be more mindful of  “shouldering” too much tension and taking on too much responsibility at work. I want to breathe with ease and focus on my shoulders. I am inspired by the sun [surya] and the moon [chandra] and letting them guide me in  my practice. I look forward in anticipation to this transition period to gain a new perspective or outlook not only for my practice but my life. May all  our “changes” be filled with light. I wish you good  health and well-being, and I wish you loving kindness during this transition period.

Solar Eclipse