Lessons in Life Sometimes Bring Gratitude

I’m on cloud nine and have been this whole weekend for a change of pace. This weather and some changes at work had me feeling really down and out, additionally it left me in a negative head space. Most people who know me well would be surprised that with the gloomy weather outside, to find me in such an upbeat mood today.

I’m feeling such joy, gratitude, love and warmth in my heart. The kindness of strangers can go a long way my friends in cheering someone up. My family was distraught when one of our little chihuahua’s escaped unbeknownst to us. Possibly when a contractor came to work on mom’s kitchen remodel. The temperatures dropped where my family lives, and they couldn’t find our Chi – Steven. After a few days had passed, and fliers had been put up, they still couldn’t locate him, and were beginning to lose hope.

We were worried that due to old age and cold temps, that he had frozen to death somewhere out there, in the pale moonlight. Mom was upset and in trying to make her feel better I mentioned how perhaps since he is really quite old maybe it was his time, and maybe just maybe he wanted to just be alone and not be a burden on us. He has led a long life lovely after all at 15 human years I reminded her.

I continued on with what I hoped was comforting words and went on to say, Now he can run across the rainbow bridge in the sky with his brother Greedo, [another chi we had that passed away a few years back] and they can have all their fill of dog bones, pig ears and “greenies” to their hearts content. Mom laughed and I could tell she felt better. I was so relieved. She does not handle down trodden times well. We spoke for a while more and once I was certain she would be okay we disconnected the line.

When I reached home I lost myself in painting, art through meditation. I chanted a sloka [mantra]. Gayatri, that which saves, brought us back our little furry family member. I learned first hand how  Gayatri mantra are very powerful meditation aids.

A  few days later came our Happy Ending. My heart is absolutely brimming with love and appreciation. I’m grateful and it’s because there really are still good people out there in the world. Some young girls down the street found Steven and returned him home to my family. My family has such gratitude that Steven was found.

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[aka life in my universe]

Life doesn’t always have happy endings, many things happen so our souls can understand. So we can take in what we needed to learn from these situations. Even if we could wave a magic wand and change things, they would only change back until our souls understood what it is that we needed to learn and experience in this life.

In this latest life lesson, it brought gratitude, hope, contentment, and love. Along with all that, the gentle reminder that as above mentioned, there really are still good people in this world.

“Ribbon Lotus”: Art through meditation, depicting gratitude and love


30 Things To Be Thankful For

Since November in America is about harvest time and being thankful, I decided to gather some positive thoughts and energy into a post all about things I am grateful for. November has 30 days, so this became the magic number of things I am decidedly thankful for, know matter how large or small they may be.

In no particular order, on with the spirit of positivity and thankful energy:

  1. I am thankful for the sunset yesterday 11/16/12, it really brightened what could have been an otherwise dreary day.
  2. Today I am grateful for the abundant sunshine, even if it is chilly [42F].
  3. I am pleased when I can sleep through the night and not have to wake up early.
  4. I am glad to have a roof over my head and food on my table, when one loses their job and there home it’s something you never forget.
  5. I am thankful my parents taught me to the joy of reading, I enjoy the reprieve from reality and being able to escape into awaiting adventures.
  6. I am grateful I had the opportunity to put my self through college, I know there are others out there who do not have the chance.
  7. I am appreciative that my parents encouraged me in the sciences & technology field, not all girls are as lucky.
  8. I am thankful I had a chance to know some of the individuals I have met in my life, [even if I have a heavy heart now —  memories of  loved ones passed].
  9. I am glad that with age I have developed the ability to at times just throw something together to eat and it works. No measuring or recipes during those occasions.
  10. I am grateful I was introduced to yoga, meditation, and the Art of Living. I don’t know if I would be here today if it wasn’t for them.
  11. I am thankful that with age and life experiences we can become humbleness and wise.
  12. I am thankful I had the opportunity to see how others live in a 3rd world country.  It really makes you appreciate what you have and inspires me that I really don’t need all this “stuff” to live.
  13. I am grateful to have had the experience to let go of my material possessions. Losing a job will do that to you, while I can say the circumstances weren’t originally by choice, at least I was able to learn and grow from the difficult times I was dealt. I made peace with it and realized I didn’t need so many possessions. The art of detachment.
  14. I am grateful to have learned how to cook Desi [Indian] foods.
  15. I am glad my parents encouraged me to be independent and a free-thinker.
  16. I am also grateful my parents coaxed me into so many extra curricular activities and interests. I think I turned out to be a much more rounded individual with a grater appreciation for many things in our world.
  17. As a kid and even growing up I appreciate all the traditions we had for holidays as a family. When you’re an adult and live you far away from family you really miss those times. I can acknowledge and appreciate them that much more.
  18. I am thankful for quiet days where I can just sit, relax, read, relax in a bath, enjoy a cuppa tea or bake something tasty.
  19. Good Health! We take our health for granted sometimes, but after having just completed a battle with what I coined as a super bug since it seemed to take for ever to be back to optimum health, I can admittedly say I appreciate being healthy.
  20. I am grateful for my job. The economy over here still isn’t that great and I know several people who lost their jobs, so I am in fact grateful to still be employed.
  21. I am glad I was able to pay off my school loans, in record time at that. Now it doesn’t hang over my shoulder and I have the financial freedom I desired.
  22. I am grateful for friends and family. They certainly keep life interesting and are not only very important but also quite dear to me.
  23. Love and to be loved in return.
  24. Generosity from others in its many forms.
  25. I am thankful for having all my 5 senses and even my sometimes 6th sense.
  26. I am thankful I was not born with any birth defects.
  27. The internet – for the wisdom it shares, for connecting us with those who are separated by distance and time, for all the time passes it has to offer.
  28. I am thankful for when I have things to look forward to. It may seem trivial to some, but when you suffer from depression it makes a world of difference.
  29. Hugs! Sometimes just giving or receiving a hug can really brighten your day.
  30. The ability to see things outside the box from different perspectives.  Not something inherent that we are born with, but something I had to learn along the way.

Wow, and that’s 30. The first few on the list were easy, as the list grew in length it really took some thought but was a nice challenge for me today. As a result I feel like I accomplished something today, I feel grounded, and content. I have a lot to be thankful for, and it serves as a good reminder when I am feeling down and out. Here’s one more, I am thankful that I do not feel depressed today or down and out. Its been a while since I’ve smiled. It’s nice to have a shift in our focus and or mood.

There’s always something to be thankful for, what are you grateful for today?

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