A New year, and A New You!

2012 has gone and left us. We have passed the milestone marker of the longest day of the year. I can’t tell you how glad I am about that last one. The cold, dreary, and dark mornings make for “Ugh, I am too tired, and don’t want to get up Asana”. Now its a time for the returning light of the upcoming year, to illuminate us and guide us through the times to come. We are well into 2013, whether we want it to be or not. The new year often brings about reflections and resolutions. As time marches us forward, we reminisce, and we contemplate.  We reflect memories past to  learn from our mistakes. It’s a time count our blessings and not our worries. We set an intention to become our best selves possible each year. To be true and authentic. To evolve into the most amazing version of ourselves we can be.


Reflecting on the most recent holidays passed, I’m sure a fair portion of us may have fallen off the healthy bandwagon onto the sugary horse or even into the lack of motivation saddle. Whether its been due to either the colder weather, lack of sunlight, or holiday spreads, the new year provides us the perfect motivation for change. The time to detox or begin a new healthy habit! The simplest of detox’s could be getting back into your yoga practice, and leaving out all those tasty but sinful if you will items we need to detox from. Drinks and foods such as alcohol, sugar, caffeine, fried foods, and processed foods.

Looking out the window at this wintry weather, as we move closer to the shift, where the days become longer, it will become even that much easier with each passing day. Why not take the first steps to a new, healthy you in this new year. If you are looking for a detox plan with a bit more to oomph it, I recommend you check out this plan put together by the lovely Esther.


Don’t beat your self up if a plan you pick seems like a lot. Just take things slow, take baby steps and you’ll get to where you want to be, and on the path you envision yourself on. Some days are admittedly easier than others. Don’t beat your self up about it if you have a day where you have to repeat a day of your detox plan or yoga practice. Maybe your like me and somehow twist your back the wrong way at the office and have to take a week off to heal before you can pick up your regular practice. Just accept things for what they are. This transformative journey of our lives includes acceptance for who we are, it’s part of the reward. Don’t do something you’re not comfortable with but at the same time know its okay to gently challenge ourselves a little.


Don’t feel discouraged in your practice, just put on your favorite yoga pants of transformation and all will fall into place. Remind yourself there’s no such thing as a perfect pose, rest when you need to. It’s okay to make adjustments and do modified poses. Instead of giving up yoga completely due to injury, I made a new adjusted plan in the interim. Like the ocean, I decided to move gently like the  ebb and flow of the tides. I decided to follow a somatics therapy practice to aid in healing my back, and alleviate me from the awful back pain and muscle spasms. Sometimes pain and sickness I find serves as a reminder of how important ones health is both physically and mentally. How we really have to take care of ourselves.

Sometimes small changes and adjustments in our lives can be a good thing. I found my self so slow-moving in the am due to pain and extreme tiredness, but didn’t want to give up a practice in the am while I had to rush out the door on time for work. I adjusted, went with the flow and did a short am practice and a longer practice after reaching home from the office. I found that the extra restorative motions have tremendously put me on a path toward a quicker paced recovery.


Some day’s are harder than others. I can’t deny it, it’s not always easy, but there are lessons to be had in everything and its important for me to remember that. I am living in the present moment today.  I feel like a new person today after this mornings practice and the newly discovered self myofascial release / trigger point therapy. Today I am happy there was sunshine on my face streaming in through the window. I am glad to be alive. Today I find myself focusing on life, love, happiness, and peace. I feel inspired and motivated. I have lots to be thankful and appreciative for. I am generally healthy and these recent back issues serve as both a reminder of how important ones health is, and not to let such challenges force me to give up. With consciousness in your heart, repeat to your self I can do this!



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