Celebrate International Yoga Day with a Free Online Class

Celebrate #InternationalYogaDay with EkhartYoga by tuning in to their Facebook Live Stream Class with World renowned teachers Esther Ekhart and David Lee Lurey!

The class starts in about 1.5 hours! You can virtually practice with fellow yogis from all over the world by joining in a 45-minute Yin-Yang flow. Esther and David will do a short Q&A right after the class. You can leave any questions in their comments on their FaceBook event page.

Join me and grab your mat, wherever you are in the world, for non-edited fun!




Free yoga challenge – mini detox

My favorite yoga site EkhartYoga is hosting a FREE mini detox challenge.

3 days of online yoga and healthy eating to promote a healthier you!

Starting today, May 13th, you are cordially invited to join for 3 days of yoga and healthy eating! All you need to do is sign up and you’ll receive an email with links to 4 free yoga and meditation classes….. That’s it!

Alongside these classes, you’ll also be provided with some advice and suggested recipes to help you get the best out of this mini challenge.

Join in to receive Free access for 7 days. You can access these classes from May 13th until the 20th!

What to expect?

This mini challenge consists of 3 full-length yoga classes by Esther Ekhart AND a meditation by Esther Teule, all on the theme of ‘detoxing’ the body and mind.


So who’s with me?



September is National Yoga Month!

I’m excited to announce that it’s that time of year again, no not my birthday, its National Yoga Month!! You can join a worldwide community and celebrate national yoga month with other yogi’s. This month numerous studios are offering free classes, or even a free week of classes, or discount off your first month of membership if you sign up for a membership plan. You can check with your local studios and teachers to see what your options are, or take my suggestion below.

My favorite studio EkhartYoga.com, is offering a limited time offer of your first month for $1 when you sign up now.  There are numerous classes, programs, nutrition information and more. In honor of National Yoga Month the theme for September is a 30/30 Yoga Challenge [30 minutes for 30 days]. 30 minute classes will be suggested daily with three themes, Day 1 core, Day 2 balance, and day 3 integrating both in a class. The cycle repeats as we gradually increase our strength.

I am in no way affiliated with EkhartYoga, I am just a humble yogi such as yourselves. I believe in promoting and sharing causes I care about.





No time like the present so why not begin your Yoga journey now! Ekhart Yoga has created a 30 day free beginner challenge to use for yourself and or to share with others. Maybe you’re not a beginner but perhaps you want to try out a new style of yoga. Or mayhaps life became busy and you have not stepped on the mat in a while and have been procrastinating. Allow this to post motivate you back into your practice. Even if its been a while, or perhaps you need something more gentle for a time, no matter the reason don’t let anything hold you back from this. I encourage you to give it a whirl [even if you’re not new to yoga].

Word of Mouth really gets the word out, and while I’m in no way whatsoever affiliated with the site, Esther Ekhart is one of my all time favorite teachers [and she and or her team can be yours too]. I have included some info from the site below to get you going. I hope you enjoy.



Ekhart Yoga:

If you are new to Yoga, this is the place (and time!) to start your journey.

From the 11th of March, four of the beginner programs below are free for 30 days.

For inspiration on how to start your Yoga practice: 8 tips on how to do Yoga at home

I wish you much enjoyment learning and practicing Yoga, and may you enjoy the many wonderful benefits that practicing Yoga will soon bring you!

Three simple steps to start

1) Read the Frequently Asked Questions, especially the section called “Yoga practice.”

2) Read Yoga Styles and Levels. It explains the different styles of Yoga we teach on this site.

3) Get on your mat and try out one of the free Yoga for beginners programs on the left!

Yoga Journal 21 Day Yoga Challenge

To shake things up a bit, I decided to do a 21 day yoga challenge. I did the intermediate track to deepen my practice. Part of the challenge was to eat 1 vegetarian meal a day, but since I’m already a vegetarian that part wasn’t hard.

The next part of the challenge was to do meditation for 15 minutes a day. the last step was to do yoga practice once a day, again something I already do. All these items were for 21 days. The yoga classes were offered online by a few different teachers. It was was a great opportunity to mix it up and do different practices in addition to working with new teachers. I did some of my own meditations as theirs would not play on my iPad (darn flash). I am curious to try theirs out with a computer.

It was a lot of fun and at times quite challenging. I felt like I got more out of it than one would think I would have, but that’s the thing about yoga practice. It’s called practice for a reason. You can practice your whole life, and even become a teacher, and it would still be a lifelong journey. Some teachers really take the practice to a whole new level. You can learn new tips or tricks that might help you exit, enter or hold a pose longer. What may work for one may not work necessarily work for another. This challenge gave me strength, helped me feel more grounded, learn new ways to deepen or strengthen my practice. I didn’t care for all the teachers, but on the up side, even the ones I didn’t care for offered a good class. The classes ran anywhere from 20-60 mins everyday. I love the feeling of being at peace, the oneness and contentment from each class. It really brightens ones spirits. I love how grounded yoga makes me feel.

They had a beginner track in addition to the intermediate track in case one is interested, I’d recommend it.

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