Your breath is your companion

One of the most valuable bits of yoga advice for any level of yogi is that your breath is your companion. It’s the one thing that is always with you, and can guide you both on and off the mat. If your breathing is strained or shallow on the mat, you’re probably pushing yourself too hard and need to back off and soften the pose a little. Listen to your body’s natural queues so you don’t injure or strain a muscle. Off the mat, perhaps you’re feeling stressed. Take a few moments to breathe deeply to focus and ground yourself.

If you’re anything like me and keep a daily yoga practice because you love how you feel after a practice and or suffer from mental illness, then you can understand the need to ensure that you move safely and don’t injure yourself. If I personally miss more than a day or two I start feeling manic and depressed, hence the near daily yoga to keep me off any sort of anti-depressants. I listen to my breath and remind myself to move with “Sukha” [ease], fluidity, grace, and pay attention to what my body and my breath are telling me. Not to say anyone is perfect, I know I am not, and sometimes we end up with an injury on or off the mat…but do what you can to prevent it and your body will thank you in kind.

Deep Breath By Melanie Weidner

Deep Breath
By Melanie Weidner

Confucius Quote on Teaching and Learning



We all learn differently, some of us are Audio learners, while others are Visual or kinesthetic [tactile learning].  I am one of those that really do learn from involvement. This quote really resonated with me last weekend and it’s really stuck with me throughout the entire week. This is not untrue of me learning new yoga asanas either.

Giving Quotes

Strength does not lie in what you have. It lies in what you can give.


It could even be as simple [and free] as a hug or smile that could easily uplift and transform someone’s day.

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An Adventurous Quote

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

– Jawaharlal Nehru


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Zen Parable

I can’t recall where I read this [to cite the source], but I thought it was something I just had to share. It’s really something to think about, ponder, and share with others.

The story tells of an eager student seeking knowledge from a Zen master. The student is unwilling to hear anything on the subjects he has already studied, so in the end the master tells him to “come back when your cup is empty.”

I feel we have to be open and willing to learn in order to gain the wisdom. Sometimes the wisdom may not be as easy to decipher at first glance, true wisdom I have learned, can often take time to mull over.

quote of the day – on giving

The art of giving more than you take is the sign of a healthy personality.



I happened upon this little gem while in India this month. I am using it as my current mantra.

Since this journal tracks my progress…time to share. While I am good at giving to others and being thoughtful, I have always had a little quirkiness [read character flaw] associated with that. Allow me to explain, what I do have a  hard time with is sharing when say my other half decides to just start eating off my plate without me offering. I guess I must subconsciously feel like my space is being invaded or something. Another situation is that me being a vegetarian and he is not, if he eats items up that are part of my diet and then what’s left is non-veg items or protein bar flavors that were ones he picked out I am a bit irked. Now I am not bashing on the Mr. by any means, just using some examples that come to mind where I have struggled with being a “giving” person that requires me to use this mantra so I can strive to be a better person.